UCU Sex-Tape: ‘Anastacia Revenging On Varsity Over Expulsion’

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned might be a tired adage, but there is always a room for renewal. This is precisely why the country is awash with talks of UCU sex tape scandal. Anastacia Mukyala, like a sociopath, masterminded the surreal video shoot and has been distributing them to get back at the university.

Anastacia gives UCU a hard stare to underline what she is scheming.
Anastacia gives UCU a hard stare to underline what she is scheming.

When a source yesterday asked if this blog would want to publish anything on the girl in the UCU sex tape, the answer was quick. But during the course of digging, a friend at Uganda Christian University wondered if this blog would be cutting the lanes by going into this ‘cheap’ topic. The friend said this blog should focus on newsrooms and journalism and give away tips like on Anastacia to tabloids. This sounded appealing. And since a contributor to the blog shared similar sentiments, we are going to readjust, rename the blog and focus on newsrooms and journalism in Uganda.

Well, this is not the kind of information some people in Kampala would want to hear of. There are people who feel threatened by this blog and have been working under carpet to see to its closure. Yes, it is interesting that media persons should fight hard to gag a social media outlet like a blog. That’s why we have sat on some interesting news, like that of a terse dismissal of one and suspension of another in an e-mail at some media house, a cagey editor fidgeting over staff, or even that of a top New Vision editor doing his final month ahead of ‘greener pasture’ at National Water at the end of the year. These are interesting times. Can you imagine even Tom Voltaire Okwalinga is complaining that we are overstepping his monopoly?

The Wrath of Anastacia

Anastacia claims she was wrongfully dismissed from Uganda Christian University so her X-rated porn videos are to drag the Christian institution into disrepute.

The administration of Uganda Christian University has invoked the “no comment” button on anything related to Anastacia Mukyala. Whereas students are whispering about this Musoga young woman’s antics, authorities do not want to hear of it. Apparently, the former Namirembe Hillside Secondary School and Seeta Hill College student (according to her Facebook information) was originally admitted to the Christian university but dismissed within a semester.

Anastacia was offering a Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management. However, like a nymphomaniac, she had no speed governors to regulate her insatiable appetite for sex. The university could not tolerate that. She was showed the gates. She would late find her way to Makerere University Business School where she settled, not to study procurement and logistics management for her future, but to scheme how to take revenge on UCU. However, attempts to verify Anastacia’s claims that she was originally admitted to the university–with a brief stint during a semester–have been futile as authorities do not want to discuss anything related to her personae. This is despite the university yesterday releasing a statement that was well-received by the public.

But sources close to Anastacia say she is adamant she was wrongfully expelled from the Christian university. Her pain is that the expulsion from UCU cut her out from Derrick Muhende, the weakling in the sex tape clip. She has been living the last two years scheming how to bring the university’s image into disrepute. From her room at Lord’s Hostel in Kiswa, Nakawe—ironically where Museveni was testing for HIV today to encourage Ugandans to know their sero status and fight Aids—Anastacia sat and planned how to get a video rolling.

From her deeds–going by the motive–many a psychiatrist will suspect a case of sociopathic personality disorde. When we reached Anastacia via her Airtel-registered mobile contact today, the person at the end of the line said she was not aware of any sex tape circulating on social media and that it was a wrong number we had called. Her friends had given the number indicating to us that she was in class at the time (6.45pm EAT). Why would a sociopath do that, if she does not regret her deeds? Her friends claim she has said her target is UCU and the boys in the video mean nothing more than tools to achieving the warped dream.

Anastacia, who claims she has many more videos (Red Pepper reporters say as many as 102 clips have been dropped at their Namanve office), told her friends that she is a model who is proud of her body and that peddling it on camera is not a big deal.