out with lukwago; you could be next


I bumped into Erias Lukwago’s offices purely by accident some months ago and made my way in to chit chat for a few minutes during which I was surprised by the astonishment on his face when I asked what he planned to do after being thrown out as Mayor of Kampala.

Quite flabbergasted, he asked back how that could happen, while repeating, “Abasajja b’andi bubi!” (They are really on my case!) and laugh-laughing in that manner that you always find it hard to associate with seriousness.

A few minutes later, the police arrived quite at random, led by District Police Commander James Ruhweza, to serve him with some notice or another regarding a rally he had planned – and I exited amidst an eruption of the obvious tiresome jokes to do with tear gas and whatnot.

Lukwago’s look of astonishment stayed on my mind because I had seen…

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